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[Trends] 10 Different Types Of Yahoo Boys And Their Lifestyle, No.4 Are The Craziest

Published by on September 24th, 2020.

Entertainment Trends!!! 10 Different Types Of Yahoo Boys And Their Lifestyle, No.4 Are The Craziest.


What’s-up guys, I have brought you another tops ten list trends topic, which contains some amazing factors you should know about.

Without hesitation and Introduction, I will be talking about the cybercrimers scenes and their lifestyles going around the Nigeria. I know that you might be wondering what is this all about. Am probably sure that you have in anyway heard or know about what a Yahoo Boys are.


Who Are Yahoo Boys?

Yahoo Boys are a set of people’s who had involvement in cybercrime activities which Involved stealing from innocent people so as to enrich themselves.

This illegal cyber acts had been for some time but unfortunately it had  becomes prominent in the previous decade and this new decade. Research claimed that it had been for over 3 decades now and still counting.

Cybercrime is specially known and prominent in the Western parts of Africa especially in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic and so on and so forth.


So here is the full list of different types of Yahoo boys you will probably meets or see in our societies today….


1.  Low-key Yahoo Boys

These set of Yahoo boys are the ones you should fear the most because they do invest in legal businesses after earning from their fraudulent activities just as cover up inorder to avoid being suspected.

They do cash out big from their fraudulent activities but they rather stayed low-key without making noise. The funny part is that they some of them are found in cooperate dressing just like those working in the bank.



2. iTunes Card Yahoo Boys

These set of Yahoo boys are the most hilarious set, because ones they cash out people around them wouldn’t be able to live in their peace again.

Its might take them up to 6 months until they cash out $100 and you will wouldn’t have peace again if you are staying around them, some will even add some careless title to their names such as wire wire, funds and lots more.



3. WhatsApp Status Yahoo Boys

These set of Yahoo boys can disturb innocent people of their peace with nonsense 🙄🙄🙄 WhatsApp status everyday. The funniest part is that they would never cash out any single dime but will rather come online to disturb our peace.

Some of them will be like “paste me CC”, “Cashapp wao oooooooo”, “3 years Facebook account needed ASAP”, “paste me your PayPal” and lot more 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.



4. Yahoo Plus ✝️ Or Cash Out With Soap Geng

These ones are the most craziest as I indicate in the topic above as research had been made through. They don’t like to waste their energy on unnecessary things when they know how to help themselves out once they go bronk.

These set don’t stress their strength at all because they involved themselves in voodoo which is also known as witchcraft so as to help them out during their fraudulent activities.

Set awon; Kanayo O. Kanayo, Pete Edochie and lots more 🤣🤣🤣. Them be like “baba go run am for me on a low-key”, “pants stealers”, “baba go do am”.


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5. The Show Off Yahoo Boys

Avoid these set of Yahoo boys by all means because once they cash out big, you wouldn’t be able to breathe with all their flashes lifestyles.

These set are the ones without brain at all, all they do is to hustle hard on their fraudulent activities just as to buy iPhones, Gucci clothes, Louis Vuitton shoes, intimate girls, go Club and lavish their money on drinks and girls.

They don’t have plans for their future and life after, all their plans are just to looks rich and good and if you are not careful they might steal your girlfriend’s from you. These geng snap with their iPhone and upload it on their WhatsApp status, Facebook page, goes on Instagram Live. Set awon Hushpuppi, Mompha, Rahman Jago and lots more 🤣🤣🤣.



6. The Instagram Private Account Gengs

Once this particular geng of Yahoo boys cash out just some token of money, they becomes private. Some even change all their social media pages into private account.

These ones ehnnn…. Small money that they cashout they’ll goan put their Instagram account on private! Oga relax no be your type they wan wan arrest. Be calming down 😂😂😂😂



7. The Motivational Speakers Yahoo Boys

Sometimes I do wonder if all these set of Yahoo boys are truly Yahoo boys or motivational speaker because they do confused people with their useless motivational quotes everyday.

These ones go dey post useless motivational quotes which you will be wondering that if you don’t involve in illegal stuff, you can’t make it in life. Uncle Yahoo Soyinka, calm down nah!!!



8. Party Animals Geng

This amazing set of Yahoo boys are real lavish spenders, they can waste a million naira in just a single night at the club.

They don’t find it difficult to see themselves going broke, they rather spend their last dime on drinks…. Their own is to cashout and carry the money to club and order for caskets back to back with undertaker like they’re in a cemetery. They’ll lavish money on drinks until they enter debts. Set awon LavishGhost.


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9. Set Awon Benefits Boys

These ones are group of Yahoo boys especially those secondary school boys with corona cashout. These set were able to full gained money during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Avoid these set of Yahoo boys by all except you want to dig up your early grave simple because they can oppressed people’s with newly acquired Toyota Corolla, Lexus RX or Mercedes-Benz alongside with their iPhone and designers dresses.

Education was once the key but benefits boys don change the padlocks into fingerprints and Face ID 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


10. The Online Beggars Geng

The last of them all are the online beggars. These set aren’t fully Yahoo boys but they do beg for money from Yahoo boys.

These set of Yahoo boys can beg for Africa, some will can even beg some people lives away. Some be like “I need 2k urgently”.


Kindly Add Your’s Below In The Comments Section…


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